The beef between Laura Ingraham and the entire Rap Community

John Orzechowski, Head Writer

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Rapper Nipsey Hussle was killed on March 31st of this year. By now, everyone who cares knows that. Hussle, born Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was a rare breed of rapper who,along with his fiance Lauren London, used his resources to give back to his community. He was a good man whose career was just taking off.

His memorial service was April 11th at the Staples Center in LA. A day later, Fox News host Laura Ingraham offered her input on the late rapper. Seeming to ignore the good he did for his Crenshaw, California community, or the fact that he just died, she went straight to mockery.

Hussle was featured on a YG song called “FDT” (F*** Donald Trump) in 2016. Trump fanatic Ingraham wasn’t a fan of that.

“This dear artist was recently featured on a song called ‘FDT’” began Ingraham.

First, he was dear. That’s why his memorial service was in the Staples Center in front of thousands of people and livestreamed to even more. Second, 2016 was three years ago.

After playing a clip of the music video (that didn’t feature Hussle, just YG), Ingraham continued.

“Okay, that’s a very creative refrain… the chorus goes on and on. Is that related to the lowest unemployment ever, basically, for African Americans?”

As you can imagine, the music world wasn’t too happy. Over social media, rappers T.I., Snoop Dogg, and The Game, along with Justin Bieber and Jamie Foxx, all called on Fox News to fire her.

Pump the brakes on both sides.

Mrs. Ingraham, that was disrespectful. He just died. The impact he and London had in the low income communities of California is undeniable. It’s estimated that through him, over 40,000 people in these neighborhoods, including ex-cons who had no other options, found work. And she wants to talk about him not understanding unemployment? She wants to criticize him for his opinion three years ago. Does she not understand that 90% of the entertainment world shares his views? Couldn’t she have picked on someone else, maybe someone not lying in their coffin?

So I get everyone’s frustration. But here’s the thing: she gets to say it. It’s her right. She isn’t harming anyone and isn’t inciting violence. If it was the Helena 5:00 news, it would be a problem, but her show is obviously an opinion based program where she and other hosts often spew unpopular personal views. It’s up to Fox News to decide if she went too far. And I doubt they’ll seriously reprimand her.

The Game wrote a paragraph on Instagram to Fox News saying that if they didn’t fire her, they’d lose millions of viewers until it affected their ratings. Does he really think that the people who watch Fox News are going to get worked up over a right wing anchor mocking anti-Trump media?

Also, he called her a “disrespectful c**t.” That’s more disrespectful than anything she said on that broadcast.

Both parties were at fault here. Ingraham should have shown more sensitivity and looked into what Hussle has done for Southern California. Everyone calling for her to be fired doesn’t realize that Fox News isn’t going to do much to a Republican pundit mocking any form of anti- Trump media.

Ingraham’s job is most likely safe. This probably isn’t the first time her firing’s been called for, and it won’t be the last.


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