NoRedInk is a Plague

A plague of bubonic proportions is spreading through the United States. This plague, however, does not target the body; instead, it targets the mind. This plague is simply called Noredink. Noredink is absolutely, unequivocally, and indubitably repugnant in every sense of the word. For those too dull to know the meaning of repugnant, it means unacceptable or exciting distaste. Repugnant perfectly describes Noredink and the feeling it evokes in every student.

Noredink is simply incompatible with many students. It appeals only to those that learn visually. Neil Fleming, designer of the VARK modalities, claims there are 4 sensory modalities:  visual, aural, read/write (verbal), and kinesthetic (physical). It is utterly preposterous to standardize a program that only works for those who learn visually. Noredink simply doesn’t work for many students, and these students are forced to suffer through Noredink in order to save their grade. Making every student use Noredink is like making every male wear size 10 shoes; it simply doesn’t fit.

The American school system is archaic to its very core. Noredink is simply a product of our ancient schooling philosophy. America’s education system is a one-size-fits-all approach to education. It is ripped straight from the industrial era and Noredink does nothing to change this. Noredink consists of sitting on a computer and blindly attempting grammar questions. This program just contributes to America’s education blunders.

Students do not like Noredink, but American educators do not seem to care. Noredink is fundamentally flawed in its teaching style. In a typical Noredink lesson a student will hop in to a checkpoint in an attempt to skip several lessons and finish quickly. They then use a guess and check system because if you click the help button the question is wrong and you need to get three in a row right in order to continue on the lesson. This creates a learning environment where students are scared of failure because failure means more Noredink, more copy and paste questions and more frustration. When a student dislikes something, they either won’t do it or won’t care while they do. This prevents true learning.

There is no better word to describe Noredink than repugnant. Noredink is incompatible with students, it is archaic in its teaching style, and students simply do not like it. Noredink is a plague but it can be cured. Teachers simply need to teach grammar in their classrooms.