Winter Formal Q&A

with the HHS Vice President and Historian


Connor Casne-Jones, Head Writer

Reyla Williams is a senior at Helena High and is currently serving as Vice President; she will be represented by R in this Q&A.

Cade Duran is a sophomore at Helena High and is currently serving as Historian; he will be represented by C is this Q&A.


Q: When and where is winter formal this year?

R: It’s at the Carroll College ballroom, from 8-11,  on December 8th

Q: What’s new this year?

C:It’s a new place for winter formal, and also a new theme.

Q:  What is the theme?

R: Gold rush

Q: Why did you pick gold rush for the theme?

C: We thought decorating wise it would be fun and easy, but also we (Helena High) haven’t done it before.

Q:  How can people participate in the theme?

R: You can wear gold and black-that is how it will be decorated in the ballroom. But you don’t have to participate in the theme if you don’t want to.

Q: When can students get their tickets?

R: We started selling tickets on Monday, and we will sell them until Friday the 7th

Q: How much are the tickets?

C: Twenty for a single, 30 for a couple until the 7th.

R: You can also buy tickets at the door but they will be marked up significantly

Q: Why should students go to this winter formal if they haven’t attended a school dance before?

C: The theme is very cool this year, and winter formal is one of the big school events here at Helena High. If you don’t go, you will regret it later on. It’s always a lot of fun, you get to go with your friends, and it’s just always a good time!

Q: I heard that a capital and HHS have pondered a joint winter formal, is there any truth to that?

C: We’ve talked about it. We can’t do it this year, but we are talking about possibly adding a third dance other than winter formal and prom, and hopefully work with capital on that.

Q: Will you guys be attending the dance?

A: Yes (simultaneously)

Q:What is your best dance move?

C: I’m pretty bad. I don’t really dance.

R: Uuuh… I hit a mean sprinkler?