Niceness is Priceless

The Positivity Posse

Marcus Roberts, Head Writer

A new club this year, Niceness is Priceless is a way to encourage students to spread kindness, encouragement, and positivity at Helena High.“A simple smile can go a long way,” Ms. Tucker, the club’s adviser, says, “this club just takes it one step further.” The students and teachers involved meet every Thursday in Ms. Tucker’s room (15). “The club is for anyone who wants to share positivity and kindness at Helena High,” Ms. Tucker says, “I am excited to hear about any new ideas [the students] have.” 

So far, the group has handed out appreciation cards, added encouraging post-it notes on lockers, volunteered at homeless and dog shelters, and supported numerous activities at HHS.  

Mishwa Bhavsar, the president of Niceness is Priceless, is very proud of the impact the club has had so far: “When I came here on an exchange program from India, I got a letter from the office that inspired me and my friends to join.” From then on, Mishwa has been directly involved in the brainstorming of ideas at meetings. Furthermore, she hinted at potential activities for the club to do in the future: “We want to have a wall dedicated to the 2019 seniors with their handprints on it.” 

Niceness is Priceless is not an idea Ms. Tucker came up with. “Mariah Swingley started it at Capital High and it was a huge success,” Ms. Tucker said. “I figured [Helena High] could use some more kindness.” Also, this idea has spread across multiple schools in Montana. “We actually have had groups of kids going to middle and elementary schools and telling the kids about the club,” Ms. Tucker said. She admits, though, the group tasks would be a lot easier if more people would join the club. “We always need more people,” she says. “That’s our biggest struggle.” Her philosophy is simple: more people equals more opportunities and ideas for kindness. 

The club is forever open for more people to join. For more information about the club, ask Ms. Tucker in room 15 or attend a meeting on Thursdays.

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