“The Nun” is Sure to Keep You Praying


Eric Huybrechts

Melina Scott, Editor



On September 6th, The Nun, directed by Colin Hardy, made a stunning and terrifying appearance in theatres around the globe. With a wild reputation precursing it, many horror-movie junkies eagerly anticipated the movie, as it exists in the same universe as Annabelle and The Conjuring, two movies that are considered to be some of the scariest to have played out on the big screen.

The Nun outdid them both.

Set nearly 20 years before any movies in the Conjuring universe, events in The Nun take place in 1950s Romania, is centered around Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga) and Father Burke (Demian Bichir) as they travel to the Carta Monastery, a haunted Catholic abbey in the mountains outside of a local village. Accompanied by a delivery man called Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet), they are sent by the Vatican to investigate the suicide of a Sister who took residence at the abbey before her death. Little do they know, there are much darker things in the shadows.

We asked for scary, and The Nun delivered. Not only are there multiple jump scares throughout the movie, but the eerie setting created omnipresent suspense throughout the entire film. Furthermore, the Catholic references in the movie are entirely accurate, allowing people in the theatre to pray right along with the nuns on screen. Even prayers that every-day Catholics see in church, such as the Ave Maria, makes multiple appearances in the film. With constant building tension, The Nun comes to a petrifying ending, leaving viewers shaken even hours after the credits roll onto the screen. Not only is this film extremely scary, but with a solid and plot that was alarmingly feasible in some regards.

Along with an amazing plot, The Nun had actors that give their best efforts into the performances, making the movie that much more terrifying. What makes the horror genre so unique is partly its lack of dialogue, and actors who choose to pursue these films must be good with facial expressions and actions. All of the performances in The Nun certainly delivered.  Farmiga, as the leading lady, conveys the suspense of the movie flawlessly, and Bichir gives the audience layers of characterization in a priest with a supernatural background. Bloquet also killed his charismatic delivery boy role and warmed the audiences hearts with his comedic one liners. Overall, all of the performers deliver breathtaking performances that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

This teeth-clattering film isn’t only great to watch, but is also extremely successful in the box office, making over fifty million in the first weekend alone, earning 131 million dollars total in profit throughout its lifespan in the theatre. This not only was an amazing profit for the film itself, but pushed The Conjuring franchise into a leading position in financial terms.

There was nothing about The Nun that was badly done, spanning from its genius camera angles and creepy setting to amazing performances by all of the actors involved. If you need some adrenaline and terror this Halloween, strap yourself into your movie chair and try not to scream with this out-of-the-ordinary horror flick. It’s sure to leave you praying.


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