Picture Day Q&A


Zane Roush

Picture day. A day of silly outfits, suits, and everything in between. The nugget was curious to see students’ knowledge and participation in and of picture day, so we asked some students 1) if they knew it was picture day, and 2) if they wore anything special. Here’s what they had to say.

Gregor Schwend (12): “I didn’t actually know it was picture day, no. I didn’t do anything special.”

Bailey Netschert (12): “Yes, I did know it was picture day. I chose this outfit because it was the only one I had.”

Garret Bywater (12): “I did, yeah. I’ve been waiting for this day for a while. I did actually. It took me a bit to get ready, I got up at 2.30 to do my hair and pick the right outfit, which based on my wardrobe, took me about an hour to do, and my hair took me about an hour and a half.”

Tatum Mcnamara (11): “Yes I did know today was picture day, I’ve known since Friday. My mom picked out my outfit, because these pictures go to my grandparents. If they didn’t, I would be wearing a baggy t-shirt and shorts.”

James Blanchard (12): “Yes I knew. I have three different suits and a bunch of dress shirts, and I think any excuse to dress up nice is a good excuse. I figured picture day was the perfect day to dress up. I picked my red, white, and blue suit, because you know, America.”

Jenna Bingham (12):  “Not until about an hour ago, so no I didn’t wear anything special.”

Sonja Severtson (12): “No I didn’t know today was picture day; I forgot. My dad told me that I couldn’t wear athletic clothing, so I put on the first thing I could find that wasn’t.”

Ian Lovshin (10): “I did know that today was picture day, since tuesday actually. My dad made me pick a blue shirt because it matches my eyes. And my hair.”

Mr. Mckim: “I did know it was picture day. I was looking at things (in Grand Street) and thought, why not a ventriloquist?”

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