Helena Underwater

Flood Watches and Warnings in the Area

Becky deMontigny, Head Writer

This year Montana experienced snow, snow, and more snow. Helena residents thought winter was never going to end; but in the past couple weeks we have shockingly had temperatures get up into the 70’s. Due to this rapid change in temperature the mass amounts of snow are beginning to melt; and fast. The warming temperatures, melting snow, and recent heavy rainfall has turned parts of Lewis and Clark County into lakes. 

The National Weather Service put out a flood advisory and warning to areas along Ten Mile, Seven Mile, and Prickly Pear creeks on Monday. This severe warning will be in effect until late Wednesday evening. 

Areas where the water levels are harshest sadly include Rossiter Elementary School, and the nearby Helena Campground and RV Park. On Sunday, volunteers began stacking sand bags in these areas in hopes of saving homes and the last few weeks of those Rossiter kids’ education for the school year. To keep up with the rapid need for sandbags, volunteers also spent time at the fairgrounds filling and distributing sandbags to everyone that needs them. 

Due to the raising water levels classes were canceled at  Rossiter on Monday, and continue to be canceled today; Tuesday. Volunteers are still spending time today at the school and campground to try their hardest in stopping the water from moving any further and damaging any more structures. Around Rossiter Elementary sandbags are stacked up to 7 high and the rushing water is still finding its way through the wall. 

Even today volunteers are still needed to continue filling, distributing, and laying sandbags, in addition to needing people to make donations of food and water to give to those affected by the flooding. Despite the problems these floods bring, this mass amount of water should lessen our fire season and chances of our state filling with smoke like it did last season. Hopefully these flood watches and warnings will begin to diminish in the coming days; stay dry Helena. 

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