District Delight

Helena High’s Performance in the District Music Festival


Melina Scott, Head Writer

       The place: Bozeman High School. The main populous: band and choir nerds from around the state. District Music Festival over the week of 21st is a proud ordeal for many of Helena High band and choir students. Throughout the week, HHS 12 music programs performed as groups, while soloists, duets, and other small groups traveled to Bozeman. Despite a mishap with some of the buses, all students were at Bozeman High by 8:00 for some of the first performances. According to Rebecca Bryan, “Some of us had to pile into Mr. Loveridges truck, but it ended up alright.” All of these musically-inclined students were both nervous and excited to perform for adjudicators, or people who are well-versed in the music world and gave the students their score. Helena High bands performed on Thursday and Friday, and all bands received a Superior rating, which is the highest ranking a group can receive. Mr. Loveridge, the director of the bands, said that Districts was a “clean sweep” and expressed that he was very proud of his students. There were also several soloists and groups that played their varying instruments for the adjudicators, ranging from piano to a french horn duet to even a trombone quartet. Dan Ruether, who performed with a French Horn in hand, said that, “I simultaneously did the worst and best I’ve ever done. I’m taking two acts to state this year. I’m rather proud of how well and poorly I did.’ Despites Dan’s slightly confusing statements, everyone had fun, and many soloists and groups who received a Superior rating will go on to State music festival, where they will go through the adjudication process yet again.  

       In addition to band students, the HHS choirs also took part in this wonderful festival. Four of the five choirs received a Superior rating, and everyone had a wonderful time. Ambiance, the advanced women’s group, even got a perfect score in the performance category of the adjudication. Ms. Steele, the director of the choir programs, said that her favorite part was that, “everyone was invested, everyone looked like they were genuinely trying hard…Everyone was super excited.” We also talked to some of the soloists who attended the festival, who seemed to have a wonderful time as well. Christiana Holland said that, districts was a fun and unique experience. Getting to have a one on one with an adjudicator was enlightening, and eased all the nerves I had built up previously.”

       Our third music program, orchestra, did splendidly as well. Both orchestras got a Superior rating, performing in both prepared music and sight reading. Hannah Weedman, a sophomore who plays viola, said that, “It was nice; my adjudicator was really nice and I had a fun time sitting in and watching people.” Ultimately, everyone had an amazing time at Districts, and for those who made it, HHS students are sure to do well at state. Enjoyment and learning are the two main factors that music aims to accomplish, and we think that this Festival certainly accomplished those goals.

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