Updated: Student Elections at Helena High

We Are in the Midst of Voting; the Decision is up to You

Becky deMontigny, Head Writer

As many of you know, student elections are in full swing here at Helena High. For some people at the school when elections come around they wish it would simply end due to the constant petitioning going on in the halls, while others become excited because they look forward to supporting the candidates and especially getting out of a class period to hear campaign speeches. 

Student Council has put positions up for grabs such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian, as well as Class Representatives which will be decided in our upcoming school year. This year we only have one candidate each for Secretary, Treasurer, and Historian. Therefore, Tim Cuddy will be replacing Connor Nash as Treasurer, Cade Duran will be replacing Addie Slanger as Historian, and Brooke Walker will be replacing Ray Trudeau as Secretary.

Both Rachel Jakovac and Gracie Lawlor are running for President; one of the two will replace our current President Bryndon Wilkerson. Lastly, your Vice President candidates include Reyla Williams and Colin Nielson; one of these two will be replacing Dane Rieger in the upcoming school year. 

Last week our Freshman, Sophmore, and Junior classes got released from a class period to listen to the candidates campaign speeches. Gracie Lawlor started off the speeches with a well-appreciated shout out to all of Helena High’s fine clubs and teams; in addition to this many people value her The Office and Dwight Schrute related campaign posters throughout the halls. Next up was Rachel, her speech received great applause after she began with a story from elementary school when she crushed a spider with her hand; Rachel also alluded to Helena High’s silverfish and swamp building grounds. After the President candidates speeches they then moved on to Vice President. Reyla started these off and many people were happy to hear her puns about golf and the school. Finally, Colin may have scared some, but ended up getting the crowd going when he finished his speech with a rap. 

As campaign speeches wrapped up, even several teachers were getting into the spirit of elections. One of these teachers being Mr. Askin. He was sporting around a crisp “Vote for Reyla” sticker as the day progressed; and told everyone he saw that “Reyla is a nice girl, I think she would make an excellent Vice President for the school.” 

With that, we are in the midst of voting now. The mad dash to get your votes in started Monday and will end Wednesday. By the end of the week we will know who your next Helena High Student Council will be. 

Happy Voting!!


On Thursday of last week the results of the election were released during morning announcements. These results seemed to upset many, as running mates have gotten separated. Rachel Jakovac is your new Student Council President and Colin Nielson is your Vice. In addition, Tim Cuddy is Treasurer, Cade Duran is Historian, and Brooke Walker is Secretary.


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