Cafeteria 2.0

The New HHS Cafeteria Renovation


Melina Scott, Head Writer

Most students in Helena High avoid the cafeteria at lunch, preferring to bring their own sandwiches or bags of chips. However, since the old cafeteria got an upgrade, it seems to be a slightly more popular place. Over spring break, the cafeteria underwent an immense change. Murals of nature and jungle life (and one of a giant iguana) hang delicately on the walls, which have been renovated with stones and planks of wood, rather than the off-white walls that used to dominate the area.

Overall, the cafeteria feels much classier than before, with an atmosphere that reminds us less that it is indeed just a cafeteria. Furthermore, the cafeteria has new food options: a sandwich bar has been put in that recreates the process one would go through at a local Subway or Jimmy Johns, with fresh vegetables and various meat and cheese options. You can even get a rice bowl!

After all of this, the school cafeteria seems pretty glamorous, or at least more so than it used to be, and it definitely has more customers than it did before Spring Break.

When asked about the new cafeteria, some students liked and disliked the developments, and in some cases didn’t notice them. One student said, “I went in there like a week ago and didn’t notice a difference.” Another said that it was, “certainly a positive development. I don’t go in there much, but feel like maybe I would now that it’s a little nicer.”

Other students seemed to dislike the cafeteria, but this may have simply been because of prior spite. “It’s still just greasy in there. Nothing has really changed.”

Despite these differing opinions towards the new renovation, most students seem to see the renovations as an improvement. In addition to the students, the staff of the cafeteria seem to enjoy the remodel. “It’s certainly better to work in a place that looks nice, I think,” said one staff member. The new positive attitudes towards this 2.0 version of the cafeteria should earn it a few more customers.

So go check out the new cafeteria at your very own Helena High!

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