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Revenge on YouTube

Katie Huntley

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San Bruno is a smaller city in San Mateo County in California. This city is home of the YouTube Headquarters, but little did the employees of this headquarters know that on April 3rd, 2018, their lives would change forever.

Eleven hours before Nasim Najafi Aghdam shot up the YouTube Headquarters, and the killed herself, she calmly chatted with police. It was 1:40 a.m. Tuesday, and Aghdam was found hundred of miles away from her home. Police were patrolling areas of this county when they stumbled across a parked car at a Mountain View parking lot; about 20 miles from the headquarters. After doing a routinely check of her license plate, it had come out to reveal the owner of the car had been reported missing from the San Diego area. “We contacted the woman inside the vehicle, who was asleep, to check on her and to determine if she was the same person who had been reported missing,” Mountain View police said.

At no point during our roughly 20 minute interaction with her did she mention anything about YouTube, if she was upset with them, or that she had planned to harm herself or others … she was calm and cooperative.” Officers notified her family that she was found, and released her. Though the woman’s brother said he called police about his sister, mentioning that she has been holding a serious grudge against YouTube, and that it was no coincidence that she was in the same town as the YouTube Headquarters. The police didn’t think much of it, but later after the shooting, they dreamed that that was her motive behind all of this.

Around lunchtime on Tuesday, April 3rd, employees at YouTube’s HeadQuarters began reporting gunshots fired in the building. Several employees called 911, while others tweeted about the shooting. The San Bruno police report says that officers arrived on scene a few minutes after receiving calls about the shooting. As police were arriving, YouTube employees were evacuating the building, and police encountered one person with a gunshot wound, while two others injured employees had already left the campus. These three people were taken to the hospital, and as of yesterday, one was listed in fair condition, another in serious condition, and a third in critical condition. When police went inside the building, they found a deceased woman who has been identified as Nasim Aghdam, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Revenge on YouTube