This Definitely Isn’t Propaganda

Why You Should Consider Joining the Nugget Newspaper


Melina Scott, Head Writer

          Though many people may not even be aware of the Helena High School newspaper, The Nugget, you should certainly consider joining! The only drawback: Journalism is required as a prerequisite. However, this isn’t necessarily a downfall; despite the thought that journalism might not be worth your time, it definitely is. It helps with writing skills and sometimes social concepts; in journalism the students actually go out and perform interviews with students and teachers regarding school events.

Furthermore, it’s a good class to learn about how the media works and some of the logistics behind modern day journalism. It’s certainly worth your time. Journalism is a one semester class, and passing it almost automatically registers you for a position as Head Writer in the follow up, semester two class, Newspaper.

One of the most interesting facts about this class is how it’s mostly student-run and operated. ”

          Newspaper is a fun-loving and yet still hard working class that publishes weekly articles on school events, international affairs, sports news, and more. The Nugget also does monthly broadcasts called The Nugget in 10, which are fun and exciting to put together. One of the most interesting facts about this class is how it’s mostly student-run and operated. This could be because there were only 7 people in the class in our second semester of 2018, but we’d love to think that it’s because of the wonderful, team-building environment that Newspaper produces.

People from the class have said that they love the, “laid back atmosphere” and, “The freedom of getting to choose what we write…It makes the writing more enjoyable.”  Though it may not be a number one choice over some of the more favored and well-known classes, it certainly is worth thinking about joining. With such small numbers, it’s a family atmosphere that gets things done. Also, we never have homework. Just saying.

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