“When I was Younger…

A Poem

Sean Feeta, Student Submission

When I was younger, I was a ball of fire

Random and testy

People stayed away from me

As if I was a pyre


I didn’t understand anything at all

Didn’t comprehend the laws

So I apologize for my flaws

That I had when I was not as tall


I’m sorry for acting awkward, rambling about

For snapping at you like cut strings

And repeating the same things

And getting frustrated when the wrong words come out


I have a bug in my brain

Named Aspergers he squirms about

Digging into my psyche with his pointed snout

And over the years, caused me pain


I’m sorry for all my faults

But now I’ve matured

Over a summer without word

I grew into a different person and I like the results


The old me is gone

And I am here to stay

And now I say

This is the new Sean