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Spencer Nelson
My name is Spencer Nelson, and I am a junior at Helena High School. I've been interested in journalism ever since I started to do it in my own free time. Well, it wasn't really journalism; I was just keeping stats for batters on a little league baseball team. The point is, I love to track events that happen in real life and report them to the public. I find it so satisfying to give the public information that I have gathered. It makes me feel useful and helpful to the whole world.

As I grew up a little more, I started to develop a burning passion for music. I love music with all my heart and I will 'til the day I die. I'm in a band called Blinded MT and we practice almost every weekday of the school year. We have a 12 track album out, and, hopefully by the time you're reading this, we'll have a 4 song EP on top of that. We are on our way to an even brighter future with upcoming gigs, songs, and albums. I'm also in symphonic winds, a concert band class directed by Robert Loveridge. It's one of my favorite classes because it fuels my music appetite at school, so I don't go completely insane.

Making it anywhere in the music industry would be a dream. My first and foremost goal is to be a nationally famous musician with a platinum album under my belt, but if this doesn't happen, making a living in the music industry in some way would be amazing. The runner up to being a rock star in my book would be becoming a music journalist, interviewing bands on tour, reviewing albums, and reporting about the newest Ibanez guitar. But to pursue this career, I need a little more experience in the field of journalism in general. Hence the reason for taking newspaper.

I believe that taking newspaper will help me achieve a better skill set so I can become a full-fledged journalist as a plan b for my future. Plus, I find  journalism interesting, so this class is going to be a blast. I plan on going to UM to get a degree in journalism while keeping my band going while I can. In conclusion, this year is going to be epic and I'm looking forward to my future.

Spencer Nelson, Writer

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