Prancing for Panels

Green Group Participates in Environmental Run


Van Alynstyne

Participants at the start of the Sun Run.

Becky deMontigny, Head Writer

Helena High’s very own Green Group is dedicated to putting in their contribution to global environmental concerns. The group meets every Monday at lunch and is run by Mrs. VanAlstyne, Mr. Mckim, and Mr. McKissick. Green Group’s activities includes, recycling, tree planting, land conservation, habitat restoration, and so much more.

This past weekend Green Group contributed to a “Sun Run” in Helena. The Sun Run’s purpose was to raise money to be able to put solar panels on top of Carroll College. Since the Green Group is responsible for putting solar panels on top of Helena High, they realized the importance of having the same thing at Carroll.

Three members of the club took part in the 5k run, one being Kate Buchanan. Kate says that, “During the run, it was raining [off and on] and I’m not ashamed to say that I was freezing my butt off!”

The run was paired with a one mile parade walk, in which many community members participated in. After the race there was an energy fair that the Green Group attended. In this fair, many organizations such as AERO, Charge Montana, and Smart Schools presented their ideas on how to save the environment. Buchanan tells me that this information was very informative, and they hope to take the things they learned and apply it to Green Group. “It will help decide what tasks we want to complete in order to further help the environment this year.”

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