The Treble Makers Club

Find Out What May or May Not Be Your Forte


Becky deMontigny, Head Writer

One of the newly returning clubs to Helena High is Not Your Forte. This modern singing group is orchestrated by Ms. Steele, and meets Tuesdays at lunch in addition to after school on Thursdays. If you like singing, this club is for you. The group sings acapella, meaning their use of musical instruments is limited to stomps and claps. In addition to practices, this club tries to perform at several concerts a year, including the HHS talent show! Not Your Forte started second semester of last year, due to several choir members wanting more opportunities to sing. This year the song list already includes, Let It Be (Beatles), Ocean Eyes (Billie Eilish), Sound of Silence (Disturbed), and Seven Bridges Road (Eagles). The musical ensemble takes songs like these and create their own version of them. Other than creating wonderful music, one goal the club has is to start working together better. Not Your Forte has already had two meetings this year, and is very low on members. So, if you love to sing, come to auditions at the end of this month with all your friends. The word on the block is that a beatboxer is wanted! Member, Melina Scott described the group as, “engaging, creative, and singy-songy.” In conclusion, if you want to find out what may or may not be your forte, then this club is for you

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