Ask DeQuan? December 2016

DeQuan, Advice Giver

I have a teacher that never says my name right. What should I do?

Start referring to your teacher by the wrong name or of another teacher at the school. Remember revenge is a dish best served cold, so make sure to keep it in the fridge.

Hey Dequan! Why can’t we grind at school dances? (the school would actually make money from dances)

Because we can’t grind all those peppers at the school. Too many involuntary reactions.

Should Freshman fear anything this year?

Fire and asbestos seem to be a problem.

What’s Gucci?

Gucci is a Italian luxury fashion brand. They are notable for their leather goods. They have a nice variety of products for both men and women. In my personal opinion, when you go Gucci you can never go back.

How do I deal with my 10 cats that I can’t take care of 🙁 (P.S. I can only have 5)

It seems like you have dinner for a school week or you drop off at a pound, no kill shelter, or L&D Buffett.

How do I throw a LIT party?

Invite over all your friends to your house. You all bring your favorite literature, preferably some Fahrenheit 451. Then you bring out all the essential party necessities: chips, salsa, soda and gasoline. The final step to an ultimate LIT party is when you and your friends throw all of your literature in the fireplace and start partying like it’s 1933.

Will the Lions improve? As a Lion’s fan for life it’s been rough. I just hope that we win a superbowl before I die.

As one of the few other people that is a a Lions fan at this school I understand your struggle. Currently we’re having a great season. #FirstPlaceintheNFC But as my Lion Pride father always says, “I want the Lions to be my pallbearers, so they can let me down one more time.”

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