Artists of the Month: September

Mr. Holter nominated Kaylee deMontigny from his Theater III class. 

“Her life oozes artistic thoughtfulness and a profound understanding and empathy with all that is human.” 

During the month of September, Kaylee worked on a one-act play. She, along with other juniors and seniors, directed freshmen and sophomores in the play of her choice. “It’s just been really cool seeing how each of us directs differently and how during the casting, we had them read and it was really fun, seeing how people’s takes on characters differed,” deMontigny said. 


Mr. Scanlon nominated Audrey Rogge from his Art IV class. 

“Audrey has a true gift for Photo Realism no matter what medium she is using. She is simply amazing!”  

This month, Audrey worked on a charcoal drawing of a boy and his cow and a watercolor of a soldier getting into a medical helicopter. Rogge used various reference photos to create cohesive pieces. She heard online about a boy who would sleep with his cow at night and wanted to recreate that idea. “I have always been a fan of charcoal, so I thought that would be a good medium to use,” Rogge said.  

Ms. Bjornstad nominated Annabelle Heun from her Starlighters class. 

Annabelle is an exceptional singer. Her attention to detail and strong vocal skills helps lead her peers during rehearsal. Her voice part is better because she isn’t afraid to try, even when she is uncertain”  said Bjornstad.

This month, Heun worked on music for the upcoming AA Choir Festival in early November. Her favorite song in the festival so far is “Praise His Holy Name.” “I think it is most exciting for me when we’ve been working really, really hard on a certain piece or certain segment of a song and then going back and singing the entire song, and it all sounds great, and the harmonies are perfect. That’s like the most rewarding and fun part [of choir]” Heun said. Outside of class, Heun is working on learning the part of Zerlina from the opera Don Giovanni because she thinks it will be good practice for the future. 


This month, Mr. Proctor nominated Deacon Eagleman.

“His voice is fresh, new, full of authenticity. I hope he continues to cultivate his creative writing as he goes forward in life” said Proctor.

During this month, Eagleman worked on a literary exercise that talked about his life on the Fort Peck reservation. This reservation where his father’s family is from and where he got his secret last name. “[I] Wrote about some buffalo, beautiful albino buffalo roaming” said Eagleman.


Ms. Galbavy nominated Jared Renner in her welding 4 class. 

“He loves to create different projects in shop and tries to push himself in creative ways,” said Galbavy. 

This month, Jared Renner began working on a Sugar Loaf helmet, a type of medieval helmet. Jared chose to make a helmet because he really enjoyed seeing what others had created. “I see all sorts of cool costumes and stuff and I really want to make something like they can. And if I can actually make it of metal because I’m in welding, it’s more authentic,” Renner said. For authenticity, Jared has chosen to use only rivets to fasten the helmet, harkening back to the fact that this type of helmet comes from the 13th and 14th centuries. 

Mr. Daniel nominated Anna Throckmorton from his Art III class. 

“She has consistently created original, beautiful and thought-provoking artwork.”  

This month, Throckmorton worked on a landscape concept drawing for the initial class project. Throckmorton also worked on a still life with pencils. For this piece, Throckmorton chose a skull, a jar lid, and a bottle. “I think the most exciting thing about it is the shading because that’s what really makes things pop out more,” Throckmorton said.