What’s Making Us Happy This Week


Jackie Collver:  

I was walking back to the main school building from Mr. Johnson’s history class. My wireless earbuds were dead, so I was musicless. But now, I’m super happy I didn’t have Swordplay or Ornella Tempesta drowning out the noise. I heard a black capped nuthatch, my official alarm of spring!! They’re my favorite bird, ever since I was a little kid, because of their pretty little whistles. I was already having a pretty great day at this point, but hearing this cute bird whistling at me made it so much better.         


Chris Shields: 

Of the multitude of things making me happy this week, the beautiful sunshine is at the top of the list. Yesterday afternoon after finishing my final class stream of the day, I was on my way to the bathroom and happened to take a glance at the thermometer and saw that it was 50 degrees. I took a minor detour and found myself outside on my porch admiring the gorgeous mountains and pleasant warmth from the big star’s rays. It brought back all kinds of memories, feelings, and joy as I remembered all the wonderful times in my life that I was fortunate enough to feel the sun on my skin. Although it harms me like nothing else if I’m not smart, springtime in Montana is a one-of-a-kind experience that I look forward to all the time. A true “nice day” is rare in Montana, but when they come around, it’s truly special.  


Spencer Nelson: 

What can I say, I’ve been drumming my heart out more than ever lately. The spring weather is helping elevate my mood, and hopefully, by the time summer comes around, more people will be vaccinated! I’ve been so hungry to play a live performance ever since Jackie’s birthday party. The rush and feeling it gives is unmatched to any on this planet (talk about getting high on life). I can’t wait for the opportunity to come, whether it’s our own organized thing or if we play for another gathering of some sort. We take safety as a big priority, so doing a gig at the moment is not it. But you know what they say, patience is virtue. On the other hand, I’m still working hard on mixing and mastering a couple songs on my project. I hope that it will be out within the year of 2021. Things are looking up from where I started in this whole covid endeavor, and I wished I heard the words from the god Cudi earlier, “Keep Moving Forward”. 


Emmi Highness: 

This is a little late, but last weekend I was fortunate enough to win the state mock trial competition and now we are heading to nationals in May. It is a little bittersweet because I would have loved to do it in person, but I’m so proud of my team, my coaches, and mock trial as a whole because this will be the first year Montana is sending a team to nationals!  



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