Digital Learning Laxity

mohamed Hassan

Chris Shields, Head Editor

An increasingly lax mindset among students seems to be an ongoing trend when it comes to remote learning this year. Not physically being in school full-time must seem like a dream come true to some slackers out there, but laziness now is going to bite them in the butt soon. 

Although we aren’t physically in the Helena High building five days a week, teachers still expect regular work and active participation from all kids. Teachers are trying their best to make this weird situation as normal as possible, but some students aren’t getting that message. 

One teacher who’s noticed a definite change in participation patterns is Ms. Walsh. “It seems to me that students are feeling really overwhelmed, and it’s not necessarily because classes or assignments are more difficult; it’s that everything surrounding classes and assignments is more difficult,” she noted.  

What some students don’t seem to realize is that this isn’t a time to “disengage.” This is a tough time for everyone, teachers included, and we’re all trying to work through this together to make this year as successful and productive as possible. Ms. Walsh said, “Sadly, I think a lot of people ‘shut down’ when things get difficult, and it can be tough to help them if they’ve given up.” 

Despite all the difficulties so far this year, and the many more to come, Walsh believes it is very important for students to stay motivated and not to give up. “For the students who don’t give up and push through this tough beginning phase, I think this experience will make them better students. They’ll be more independent which will serve them well in life,” Walsh said. Wise words from a great teacher. 

It’s very important that we keep our heads up and persevere so we can all be successful together. “As students become more familiar with the new ways of doing things (finding the weekly schedule, submitting assignments, etc.), I think participation levels will pick up. Who knows, we may look back on this as a positive turning point in education. I’m an optimist if you couldn’t tell! However, I don’t want to paint a completely rosy picture. Frankly, my career is more stressful than it’s ever been, but my students make it worth it. Like always, they’re awesome, and I want to be someone who helps them through this challenging time,” Walsh said. 

Our current circumstances don’t excuse a lack of participation. Let’s keep pushing forward and taking every day as it comes, one step at a time. If you’re struggling to keep up with your classes or finding it difficult to adapt to our new circumstances, it’s important to remember that your peers and your teachers are here to help you. You can always reach out to your teachers for assistance or talk to your counselor for guidance or advice, and they would love to help you out. Keep on keeping on Bengals! 


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