A Senior Year Unlike Any Other


Gillian Callison from Pixabay

The year for 2020 seniors has been ruined. We made it through all the boring, emotional, and stressful parts of high school and just as the exciting moments were drawing nearer, they were taken right before our eyes. The second half of the school year is when the class of 2020 was supposed to enjoy the senior activities and traditions we’ve been looking forward to, such as senior skip day, prom, the senior all-night party, one last year doing Vigilante, and graduation. Now, because of the coronavirus, we don’t get to spend our last few months together as a class.  

As seniors, we’ve worked hard for 13 long years to get to our high school graduation. This special day might now be completely washed away. We are all unsure of what the future holds. Younger siblings might consider this an extended break from school, but our class is devastated. I would do anything to go back to school like normal and enjoy these last few months at the place I thought I hated the most. In the early days of the pandemic we joked about doing an online graduation of some sort, but now we are all praying this does not become the reality. 

For many, senior year represented one last chance to participate in high school spring sports. One last chance to get ready for prom and dance your heart out. One last chance to go on a high school spring break trip with all your closest friends before you go your separate ways. Many of us are starting to realize we may not get to walk the stage with all the people we grew up with or celebrate getting our diploma with all our friends and family. 


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