“Falling Inn Love”



Romantic comedies are like mashed potatoes. We look to them on occasion for comfort and predictability. Falling Inn Love is not a perfect movie, but it is a good one. It’s not the rom-com that’s so good you force all your friend to watch it, but if you need something new to watch and enjoy the genre, it will satisfy your mashed potato craving just fine.

Falling Inn Love starts off with eco-friendly designer Gabriela Diaz (Christina Milian). She dreams of creating self-sustaining buildings but is let down by her boss. In just a week, she loses her job and her boyfriend. In a drunken stupor, she joins an essay competition to win an inn in New Zealand.

When she wins, she begins packing her bags to check out her new property. However, when she finally sees her new inn, she realizes it needs remodeling. This is where our hero, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos) comes in. He’s a contractor and is good looking. Also, he has a really good sense of humor. But that’s part and parcel of rom-coms. But instead of it seeming like a cliche meeting, the meet-cute felt cute and appropriate. And that’s a good thing.

Gabriela and Jake decide to become co-owners of the inn and start to remodel it. Sadly, at this point, the movie kind of falls flat. The first thirty minutes are enjoyable and fun, but that is when it becomes boring. As long as it keeps viewers engaged, I don’t mind when rom-coms use the same tropes again and again. However, this movie starts feeling way too familiar.

Cringy awkwardness is better than familiarity. At least cringiness can keep viewers engaged. And this is what Falling Inn Love fails to do. The movie is enjoyable while Gabriela and Jake are at odds, but it’s when they’re falling in love that the movie becomes boring. 

Overall, the acting is uneven. While entering the “Win an Inn” contest, Milian’s character is drunk. Milian overplays this a bit too much, especially for the target audience. However, her performance improves in the scenes of her renovating the old inn. It seems like the more fun she is having with the scene, the better her performance. Adam Demos’s acting is pretty even throughout the movie. He fits his part well and gives the best performance in the film. 

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