Lady Lady: A Playlist Blessing

Milagro Tocas, Head Writer

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Micah Davis, by his stage name Masego, isn’t your everyday musician. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and raised in Newport News, Virginia. Masego is a singer/songwriter who also plays drums, trumpet, cello, guitar and piano; he specializes in Alto and Tenor saxophone. He’s basically a musical blessing, which is what ‘Masego’ means in Tswana, the language of Botswana. Because of his wide variety of instruments, it’s hard to pinpoint the genre of music he produces. Is it jazz? Is it rap? Is it trap? R&B maybe? The answer is all off the above! Masego classifies his style as “trap house jazz.” It’s hard to imagine, but by listening to his second album Lady Lady, released in September of 2018, listeners will know exactly what he’s talking about.  

He begins the album with a piano song titled “Silk…” This tune is one minute of an enchanting piano melody, accompanied by the echo of a cello. There’s not a whole lot to it, but he definitely conveyed how silk would sound if it could make noise.  

Following the intro, is “I Had A Vision.” This song signifies, a new level of maturity for the 26-year-old artist. Perhaps his “trap house jazz” title should be changed to “trap mansion jazz.” While groovy beats and smooth saxophone riffs remain, however, his lyrics hit harder, and his voice is clearer than ever. The lyrics, “Basquiat soul, you’re painting love the best (I’m so)
Rebellious when it come to this,” is a prime example of the heartfelt Masego portrayed in this album. 

A few songs later, he again hits the spot with “Queen Tings.” This song is a peachy tune that compliments his Jamaican accent nicely. It’s an empowering song, in fact, empowering women seem to be the inspiration for the entire album. In just about every song, Masego sings an ode to the women in his life and all they have taught him. “Holding you up to a higher state,
baby girl you looking like a goddess,” is just one of many lines that show his gratefulness for amazing women. The upbeat synth in the background and reggae style really tie this track together. 

He ends the album with the iconic song, “Tadow.” This song belongs on everyone’s 2019 summer soundtrack. It’s soothing, yet upbeat, and smoother than aged whiskey. His series of chords on the guitar here are outstanding, and he lays even more impressive sax solos on top. Towards the end of the song he goes to town on the keyboard, adding the perfect amount of soul to this jiggy tune. There’s not a whole lot of lyrics here, but he says what he needs to through the instrumentals.   

In the end, Lady Lady is a grand coming-of-age album that emphasizes Masego’s intellectually inclined personality with a sneak peak of his playful side. All the tracks on this listing illuminate his versatile flow with the promise of more musical blessings to come. 

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