24hrs : Not Open Late

Zoey Rogers, Head Writer

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Robert Davis, originally known as Rolls Royce Rizzy, changed his name to Royce Rizzy, and then eventually changed his name to 24hrs. Being signed to private club records alongside Phin Tha Weirdo, Noah Wood$, and his little brother MadeinTyo, 24hrs has been working hard to achieve fame. 24hrs is known for heavy use of auto-tune. Although auto-tune has become less popular with today’s musical culture because of the fake and electronic sound, 24hrs has overcome the negativity and continued on with his unique style of music.


Not Open Late is an Ep that 24 hrs made in March of last year. Although 24hrs has not released an album since then he has made singles with other famous rappers to get his name out. Songs such as “What You Like” featuring Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla Sign, “Not impressed” featuring Gucci Mane, and  “Malibu” featuring Post Malone, have all influenced 24hrs’s career greatly.


The first song in the Ep “Deserve” comes across as a slow but meaningful beat. In the lyrics, 24hrs talks about how women deserve to be treated better. He treats his women with respect, telling them they deserve to be treated like queens.  He emphasizes the fact that he is better than the other guys, “As long as I belong with you, you deserve better… forevaa.”


The only music video released from this Ep was the song “VSVSVS” featuring Rick Ross. It is the most repetitive song of the Ep and fits thestoerotype of a rapper bragging about designer brands ( “I spend a band on Gucci shoes”) and money (“I’m having thousand dollar lunches”). Although at times 24hrs vocabulary can be dull, he makes up for it with his sonorous effect.


In “Like That”, featuring Salma Slims, 24hrs  talks about how his wife, Salma Slims, means the world to him: “You are my everything to me… I’m gonna hold you down.” Although 24hrs and Salma Slims were not married when the Ep was released, anyone could tell that they had passionate feelings for each other.  


24hrs’s Ep had a huge influence on me and I can emotionally relate to it. I have admired 24 hrs since I first heard him on Datpiff. Datpiff is a website that provides free music, typically hip-hop and rap. I have been listening to 24hrs for about 3 years now, and it is safe to say I will keep following and supporting his music. I give this Ep a  4.9/5 and recommend it to anyone who likes auto-tune and has 20 minutes to burn while enduring your parent’s patience.