Weirdo Webby Wednesday

Zoey Rogers, Head Writer

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Christian Webster, commonly known as Chris Webby, is “that white boy from the suburbs in Connecticut.” Webby is an underground American hip-hop rapper that can drop fire bars in the studio as well as spitting freestyle. Chris Webby started his career by writing rap songs in 2000 at the age of 11, “I was rapping in the goddamn lunch line before it was cool to be doing so.”


Webby Wednesday is a continuous album that has been released on a weekly basis since March of this year. Capping out at 1 hour and 12 minutes, Webby left his fans speechless once again. Eminem’s influence on Webbys musical career has been significant. The dissing of mumble rappers, like Lil Xan and G-Eazy, was disrespectful and pointless. Previous albums Chris Webby has released have talked about the struggles of being an independent rapper, fitting in, and having raw thoughts.


This album has versatile flows with unique tunes and bassy beats with inspiring advice. This album has the potential to change someone’s perspective on life. I recommend this album to anyone who is having a hard time looking at the sun when they are going through the rain, and when it is hard to feel good when they are going through the pain (Skyline 2, Chris Webby 2018)


The song “weirdo” was the first track I heard from Webby and was the song I fell in love with specifically. He talks about mental illness and mentions that ADD and anxiety had a big impact on his life. Webby explains his life when he was a kid. He states that he wasn’t like the other kids and that he was a “weirdo.”  


Webby Wednesday also describes the struggles, but this album emphasizes the importance of these struggles. Webby has come to appreciate and acknowledge what he is doing although it can be hard to make a living. With a positive soul and the upward movement of motivation, his fans keep him going.  In each song, it is evident that Chris Webby has developed his passion for rapping. It’s because of this, I have chosen to support Chris Webby and his independent record label which is called Eighty HD Music.


The song “Skyline” is a great example of overcoming challenges with passion. The first “Skyline” was produced in 2011 on There Goes the Neighborhood. This song describes how Webby rising to fame because the world owes it to him. The second “Skyline” was produced this year on  Webby Wednesday. This song describes how he is going to achieve fame, not because the world owes it to him, but because he has put blood, sweat, and tears into his music.


Chris Webby performed at the Pub in Billings, Montana for the Raw Thoughts part 2 tour this year. The venue had the capacity of 500 people, and the tickets were completely sold out. Despite Webby being 29, the age of the crowd was very diverse. Although the venue was small and claustrophobic, the energy and vibe were well worth it.


Chris Webby’s album has had a huge influence on me and I can emotionally relate to it. I have been listening to Webby for about a year now, and it is safe to say I will keep following and supporting his music. I admire Chris Webby and his dedication to his career.