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Melina Scott
Hello fellow peeps! My name is Melina Scott, and I’m a Junior at our wonderful Helena High School. I joined newspaper for numerous reasons, one of which being that I like all kinds of writing, including journalism. I also enjoy talking to and interviewing people, so newspaper seemed like the way to go. I took journalism my sophomore year and realized how much I enjoyed it, which encouraged me to write for The Nugget this year. My other interests are based mostly around music; I play the flute here at HHS and ukulele and piano (badly) at home. I’m also a part of Ambiance and our women's acapella group, Not Your Forte. The only non-work based activity that I pursue outside of school is an art class I attend at the Holter Museum, but I do waitress at Jackson Creek Bar and Grille in Montana City. We have great burgers. You should come in sometime (totally not advertising). Getting back on topic, however, I’m super excited to be a part of The Nugget and am looking forward to forcing my friends to read it. So far, it’s looking like it's going to be an amazing experience.  

Melina Scott, Head Writer

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